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Dec 16, 2012 10:30am EST
's hear from you. there's questions you. really -- in the election season, we heard that ron paul, friend of the fed, talking about bring the gold standard back. your thoughts? >> no. [laughter] i don't think that's coming in, on anybody's real agenda. may be on ron paul's agenda. ron paul and i get on personally okay. >> he thinks you are the height of integrity. >> i wrote an essay on gold and a process which i recommend. a terrific book. the new edition has come out. but the point of legacy he is a -- the gold standard will be effective, you've got to fix the price of gold. you've got to stick to it. through thick and thin. and two things that after we went off called a couple times the last century or so, somebody is really going to stick through thick and thin. i think you get in trouble you go off. then the gold standard is nothing. [inaudible] you have to replace all the dollars out there with gold, the price of gold would have to be enormous. who thinks that would be maintained? >> there's a question right thing both of you, which is a deeply the large-scale asset purchases are ac
Dec 16, 2012 8:00am EST
garnering just a little bit of who is that person along with ron paul's campaign coming to an end. and by his own admission he says it's coming to an end. i think that ron paul's supporters would not be compromising their vote with a vote for the libertarian ticket, myself and judge jim gray. >> host: who we also talked to here on booktv. gary johnson 2012 is the web site,, i should say, and here is the cover of governor johnson's new book, "seven principles of good government: liberty, people and politics." out in august of 2012. >> is there a nonfiction author or book you'd like to see featured on booktv? send us an e-mail at or tweet us at >> with a month left in 2012, many publications are putting together their year-end looks of notable books. booktv will feature several of these lists focusing on nonfiction selectn
Dec 15, 2012 1:15pm EST
from bill in redding connecticut. heine. >> caller: hello. ron paul has called for the federal reserve to be shut down. one interesting reason i thought is that he wants to bring money back to congress whereby they can do so without charging interest to itself. this is where it was done prior to 1913. it was also something that thomas jefferson and andrew jackson warned about, having these big banks take over the creation of harmony. it basically creates the money in charging interest on money that they create and of nothing to begin with. that's my question. >> guest: you know, so i have not really been focusing on money. it was really outside the four corners of my job. but what i would do is recommend to just about anyone if i could plug in the book, i'm just reading white house. i actually think that they really do a wonderful historical accounts of what you're talking about and how it applies today, so i would just refer to them because they have higher degree of expertise and i do in that area. to say it's a wonderful book. >> host: here is neil barofsky best seller, bailout, an
Dec 22, 2012 9:00am EST
, a personal chef, john sinclair was around a lot, ron scott who is a great local character at the local chapter of the black panthers, such a wild mix of people and a tight community, so that is one neighborhood even though it was just a single block. there is a fire pitch in the back and people would hang around this bonfire in the eastern markets and the other neighbor i would say would be which we talk about a bit, part of the east side at the depopulated part of the east side that still has interesting pockets of people dealing with things. farnsworth st. a single block, basically one guy, almost like a hippie commune, you see other people who sort of connect all around them and put up these big fences and crazy and italian estuary and sort of like-. bad things happen too like drug murders but that was the neighborhood i kept going to again and again. >> i am going to ask the last question about the title which is a great title, which use a detroit just a detroit but it is a detroit city it is detroit city. you had to explain that to people. >> i don't know how to explain it. people
Dec 22, 2012 7:00pm EST
. as you know, ron paul has called for the federal reserve to be shut down. one interesting reason, i thought, is that he wants to bring money back to congress. whereby they can do so without charging interest to itself. as was done prior to 1913. it was also something that thomas jefferson and andrew jackson warned about. having big bank takeover. he basically charged interest on money that they created out of nothing to begin with. >> guest: you know, the focus of money was really sort of outside four corners of my job. but what i would do is recommend to just about anyone, i am reading the white house is burning books and they do a wonderful historical account of what you're talking about. also how to place today. so i will defer to them because they hide a high degree of expertise in that area. i will just say the wonderful book. >> host: here is neil barofsky's bestseller, "bailout: an inside account of how washington abandoned main street while rescuing wall street." he has been our guest here on booktv. >> booktv is on facebook. like us or interact with us and watch videos and
Dec 30, 2012 9:00am EST
it in the world of ron cason is? >> george is one of the things, and i'll say this in modest and i'm proudest of the abc news, george was a contributor on the roundtable this week when i came in. one of the first things i did was i sat down with him because i've gotten to know him all little bit, and i see how intelligent he is, but also what a wonderful student he is. i mean, unlike many broadcasters he's willing to go back and relearn things and learn from his mistakes. so i sat down with him and said george, i don't know what you want to do, at the time his teaching, he just written his book about his experience in the clinton administration. and i said i don't know what you want to do but if you want to give all this up and just go into journalism obama i think he would be great. he said it's funny, i've been thinking that's what i'd like to do. i told him, the problem is you have to go back to the beginning. you will have to learn this crap you don't have. whether it's reading a teleprompter or stand up or whatever. he did it. when we moved into the anchor of this week on sunday morning,
Dec 30, 2012 10:00pm EST
anybody. >> because we have the power. >> i ron ackley because it is our space weaponry at this point which is now devolving into a space electronics field and a triple canopy by 20, 25. we could become this fascist force in the universe. it's like the star wars moment in george lucas' are we going to follow our conscience and our heart, or are we going to follow our basic instinct. .. it. >> [applause] nothing deal. i told them do not worry about being too abusive. [laughter] sometimes i am very modest about the introduction. don't go overboard but just something simple like not since mark twain. [laughter] i am not here to boast but the only fault with the introduction he did not mention was the first novel ever written. i regret to say there has not been a bandwagon of people trying to right novels since then. i thought i would talk since "dogfight" is a result of what we call deadline poetry. talk about "deadline poet" poet", some years ago with an author's guild benefit there is a program organized in which 45 authors rejected famous works of literature. [laughter] garrison himse
Dec 1, 2012 3:00pm EST
and appreciated the comments about various boards, people forget that and ron was compliant already with sarbanes oxley board requirements so it would not have made a difference. it is helpful to get a little background, what led you to pick the firm is you did for failure and success? >> next question. we started out, i was looking all over for successful firms and i remember asking about a number of firms and making preliminary contacts, they were not relevant to what we were looking at, the commission was looking at a range of firms so that gave me my opening. when we interviewed fannie mae and the deep dive going down from the ceo through people inside the organization, we didn't have time, we only had a year to finish our work and we worked on a tight budget but i insisted we do some studies of freddie mac, let's find out what the parallels are so we interviewed a number of risk officers at freddie mac and the ceo and others and it built out, and when i said back at the end i looked and the one institution we didn't interview was td bank in canada, we didn't interview td bank but i started l
Dec 15, 2012 7:00pm EST
sinclaire was around a lot, rock history, and, you know, ron scott, who's, you know, a great local character, founded the local chapter of the black panthers back then. such a wild mix of people, and such a sort of tight community, and, so that, yeah, that's one neighborhood that i would, even though it's just a single block, that i would point to. >> the bonfires. >> yeah, there's a fire pit in the back and people would hang out around the bonfire, and literally, it's eastern market. >> right. >> the other neighborhood, which we talked about a bit, that part of the east side, very depopulated part of the east side that still has, really, interesting pockets of people just kind of doing things, farnsworth street, a block, and basically one guy bought up the houses, and it's like a hippy commune, and people annex the yards around them and put up big fences and put up a crazy italian statuary and have a huge yard. it's just like, i don't know. bad things happen there, too, like, these drurg murders, but -- drug murders, but that was a neighborhood i kept going to again and again. >> so i'm goi
Dec 15, 2012 8:00pm EST
was coming in. a few cars were coming in and i told my driver, ron, stop. let's ask the this guy how to get down to mississippi. he put the map out on the hood any of the flashlight. yes sir go down to this lighting get to this dateline and take highway 78 and you are going to get it. i get back in the jeep and one of those things hits you. i gave him a name of gerald. i did not know his name. i hope he reads this book or his grandchildren read the book and let him know. i went back to him and they said, gerald, look, we are just a bunch of yankee's from the north. i know you were navy and i'm army that you have got to help us out. yes, sir. i will show you again. no, don't show me. gerald, you you're coming with us. his eyes popped out and he said sir, i can do that. i will be awol. besides you are army and i maybe. gerald, the voice of my brother, just make a decision, get him t -- get into the jeep under orders of president kennedy. my driver was bigger than gerald and he was nudged into the back of my jeep. we raced back to the base and 140 vehicles ready to grab the gate and i had mixe
Dec 8, 2012 7:00pm EST
a provocative. in this election season we heard that ron paul talks about the ghost on the back? >> no. that is not on the real agenda. we get along okay. >> but i wrote an essay or a book about gold that i recommend and a new edition has come out. but the gold standard, you really have to stick to it. and who thinks after we went off at somebody will stick through thick and thin? to get on the gold standard technically you have to replace all of the dollar's because the price of gold would have to be enormous. >> as a question from both of you you believe the large-scale all asset purchases are effective? >> they're asking if they are effective. >> i cannot comment on that. with a success of effort of kiwi one, qe2 is just not done effectively but straightforward with the central banking. it goes as far as it can go. there is nothing magic in my view. >> i see qe2 should have been the name of the boat to [laughter] there is nothing more than the open market operation which has been around for the longest time. they have a mortgage securities now the focus is not so much to reserve the
Dec 24, 2012 1:30pm EST
and they are the mainstream republican party. libertarians need no introduction. the ron paul revolution in the constitution. bill left, however, is a little bit trickier to define because i see them as splitting into liberals and conservatives, liberals and progressives of the liberals being more like that tony blair, the bill clinton win a democratic party because they do tend to favor economic outcomes and they're ought to control economic outcomes that's their main focus think of the unionized police officers and progressives are an entirely different beast and these are the people, the typical tree hugging san francisco liberals these are the people that interested in not just economic outcomes but also social outcomes. they talk about drugs and sex how progressives are talking about whether or not you can put salt on your french fries and whether or not you can have a plastic bag or drink a soda. michael bloomberg a great example, he is banning the cuts in new york city. so that and we are talking about, that ideology on the left, the progressive ideology. swatter some of the mifsud are commonly held
Search Results 0 to 11 of about 12